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Just Funkin Music

After seventeen years of trading, the last thing that we at just funkin music and coffee in River St Ballina thought would happen, would be that our groovy independant cd store would become a tourist attraction.

Well that is exactly what has happened. With all the cd stores around the country closing down, towns and even cities have lost their indie cd store and are just left with those cd chain stores.

Music lovers from up and down the coast are dropping in for that ‘Just Funkin experience’ to browse through a cd store full of all genres’ and era’s of music.

The days of chatting to the guy or girl behind the counter for advice and recommendations might be numbered, but you can still do that in ballina,as just funkin still offers that old school service,our knowledge of music goes well beyond this years hits – now that’s a sane thought.

Now serving the great taste of ‘Eleganza Vietato Espresso, you can sip and browse to your hearts content.

Don’t be mislead into thinking that there isn’t any new decent and interesting music anymore. There is heaps out there, but the problem is that most radio stations won’t play it, using the excuse that it doesn’t fit in to their play lists. Ever feel you are being dictated to?

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